PMCRC Entry/Signing on List Ordered by racenum


In consideration of being permitted to participate in this event I declare that I will be bound by the declaration on the event entry form.

I also acknowledge and accept the Risks of Motorsport as shown on the said entry form.

I give permission for details of any injuries I may suffer during this event to be given to the Clerk of the Course.

Race Number Name Class Licence Number Signature Notes
1Rob Higgs 01 Championship163818 ok
2Tom Ellwood01 Championship101838 M
3Ricky Wiggins01 Championship79412 M
4Dylan Baynton01 Championship154414 M
5Nick Baker01 Championship89856 ok
6Alan Morrison 01 ChampionshipDay M
7Simon Clark01 Championship144256 ok
8Giles Richards01 Championship167392 M
9Dean Seddon02 Expert168107 ok
10Simon Baker02 Expert170904 ok
11Tim newman02 Expert119582 ok
12jonathan tarr02 Expert101335 M
13Peter Mainhardt03 C/Man A148883 ok
14George Richards 03 C/Man ADay lice P
15William Wilson03 C/Man A179605 ok
16Damian Whyte03 C/Man A169170 ok
17John Brown03 C/Man A133137 ok
18Peter Moller05 O40 Clubman6708 ok
19Paul Garland05 O40 ClubmanDay Lice M
20Simon Stevens05 O40 ClubmanDay ok
21steve Taylor05 O40 Clubman102319 M
22neil houghton04 C/Man B92973 da ok
23Liam Ulett04 C/Man Bday PM
24Keir Tett04 C/Man B176798 M
25Aiden furnell04 C/Man BX M
26Kevin furnell04 C/Man BX M
27Ryan Furnell04 C/Man BX M
28Craig edwards04 C/man B172214 PM
29Cameron Drysdale04 C/Man B172213 M
30Charlie White04 C/Man B183091 P
31alex conrad04 C/Man B167112 ok
32Ben Ash04 C/Man B177689 ok
33George Luxford 04 C/Man B178006 M
34Paul williams04 C/Man BDay lice M
35Mark Robson04 C/Man B162772 M
36Ryan Elcock07 SportsmanDAY PM
37Dean Carey07 Sportsman183059 ok
38Bart Bekus07 SportsmanDay Lice ok
39Martin Hallett07 SportsmanDay lice M
40Lewis Stevens07 SportsmanDay ok
41Grant adlem 07 SportsmanDay lice M
42Chris adlem 07 SportsmanDay lice M
43Darren Newton 07 SportsmanDay P
44David Stent07 SportsmanDay lice M
45Steve Kemp07 Sportsman164217 M

Total number of entrants = 53