PMCRC Entry/Signing on List Ordered by racenum


In consideration of being permitted to participate in this event I declare that I will be bound by the declaration on the event entry form.

I also acknowledge and accept the Risks of Motorsport as shown on the said entry form.

I give permission for details of any injuries I may suffer during this event to be given to the Clerk of the Course.

Race Number Name Class Licence Number Signature Notes
0Simon Baker03 C/Man A170904 
0Tim newman02 Expert119582 
0Grant adlem 07 SportsmanDay lice 
0Chris adlem 07 SportsmanDay lice 
0Danny Ferguson02 Expert104556 
0Elliot Beken01 Championship100167 
0Liam Ulett04 C/Man Bday 
0Ryan Elcock07 SportsmanDAY 
0Gareth Lloyd 05 O40 ClubmanDay lice 
0Simon Clark01 Championship144256 
0Keir Tett04 C/Man B176798 
0Jim Browning03 C/Man A133324 
0Greg Rademeyer04 C/Man B169461 
0damian01 Championship169170 

Total number of entrants = 14